Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I witnessed man-hands with my own eyes today

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry was dating a woman that had extraordinarily masculine hands? Large and muscular?

Well, I saw a woman with man-hands today. I was standing behind her, facing her back. It was very crowded on the Pittsburgh/BayPoint train today around quitting time, so I was probably standing just 6 inches behind her. From the back, it was clear that she was female. Her slacks, her purse, her medium-length wavy hair, and her shoes. After about half way through my ride, I looked up on the vertical safety bar. I saw my right hand, another older woman's hand, and two pairs of male hands.

I knew who the older woman's hand belonged to.....there was an elderly woman standing next to me. I also knew there was a man standing in front of the woman whose back I faced. I was very puzzled at this point.....who did that second male hand belonged to? There is no way that this large, meaty, hairy hand with 5 overly clipped, wide and short nails belonged to a woman! This was the hand of a masculine plumber or lumberjack. The fist around the pole was strong and large....larger than the size of a softball (not baseball). And as that Seinfeld episode described, this hand certainly can break open a lobster, without tools.

I cautiously eyed the hand to match the arm and body. I was in shock that the hand belonged to the woman standing in front of me!! I've never seen a woman with such masculine and HAIRY hands!

Only Seinfeld will think of these random things! Gosh I miss that show. As much as I still enjoy the re-runs no matter how many times I've seen them, there really hasn't been, and probably will never be a new sitcom that is as witty and funny as Seinfeld.

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Anonymous said...

Hehehe....I found this rather funny. My lovely wife, Maria is a very feminine lady except for her "man hands". She is only 65" tall but her hands are huge and really strong. She says its her Italian ancestory...her mother huge mitts too. Amazingly her hands measure almost 9" in length and her palms, excluding thumbs, are 4" wide!! Her fingers are almost an inch wide and my wedding ring is too small for her pinky.
When we hold hands I feel like a child holding hands with an adult...and my hands are normal size for a 70" tall man!
Still, there are advantages....she can easily screw lids off jars and carry 4 pint glasses at once. And she can clap REALLY loud, which is great for scaring birds off the roof!