Thursday, February 09, 2006

You CAN do wrong by giving up your seat

I discovered today that you actually CAN do wrong by giving up your seat to someone who might need it more than you.

I got up instantly today when I saw an older woman, slightly on the heavy side, walked into the train. I said, here, you can have my seat. Just before I got around to feeling like a good citizen, she snapped, "No, you sit down, I'm not at the age yet. I may look like it but I'm not, not even close."

Oops....I thought to myself. I would have thought she wanted a seat- even if she isn't over 60, like I thought she was, especially being slightly heavy.

Then, suddenly, the man next to me got up and told her, "Here, you can take my seat. It's not a matter of age. I am doing what a man should do."

CHEESY...but it got her to sit down. Made me feel lame since my chivalrous act was chopped off while he got all the credit. Oh well, at least I had good intentions!

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