Friday, October 20, 2006

Smooth and on-time

This was the first week in a LONG time that my morning BART train was on time every single day! I didn't need to dash to beat the shuttle pick-up once this week!

What a rarity but I'll take it! I've forgotten what it felt like to not feel the constant stress of getting to Civic Center within a certain time so I don't miss the company shuttle. Usually, out of 5 days, BART is late once or twice, causing me to run like crazy up the two flights of excalators, then across the street, in time to wave down the shuttle as it departs. 50% of the time, I don't make it on!

Thanks for being ontime all week this week, BART. I hope this continues next week and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

This is, if you thnk about it, a rather dismal situation, where you are so happy that BART has run as expected for a whole week and that this is something of an infrequent situation. Having ridden BART for some 25 years (and I will be so very happy when I soon no longer have to ride it), the consistency of service is remarkably just somewhat better and most of that improvement seems to have been made within about the past 3 years or so. I sometimes wonder how much BART management appreciates or considers the effects of trains running late? The waste of time and money is hard to imagine, not to mention the stress on the riders. I think BART should have some sort of rider reimbursement system as an incentive to keep things running as they should. As suggestions, if a train is 5 minutes late knock 10% off the fare, if 15 minutes late knock 25% off, if a station escalator or elevator aren't working then take 25 cents off the fare for the inconvenience to the rider. Thus, the better BART serves its customers the more it earns in fares. There should be some real, measurable incentive built into the system rather than just a bunch of fatcats voting fat salaries for themselves.