Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sometimes we just need a reminder

This morning, instead of taking BART to SF, I felt the urge to drive and deal with the traffic. I got a hot cup of eggnog latte and was ready to face whatever condition of traffic on the Bay Bridge. For some reason, I didn't mind the traffic today. I am still a little under the weather and just preferred to sit still in my own car than dealing with people on BART.

Not only that, I just felt like thinking in silence today. A former co-worker of mine (James Kim) was found dead after 11 days missing in Oregon and although we had not spoken in nearly 3 years, his ordeal brought out a series of emotions in me, as it did to everyone. From shock, worry, optimism, sadness, to self-reflection, I was reminded again how vulnerable life is and how often we wrongly prioritize things in life.

Instead of focusing on the Bay Bridge traffic today, I decided to look around, enjoy the gorgeous Bay view and weather. It was like rediscovering just how beautiful the Bay Area is. I even had an appreciation for the progress on the new bridge construction as I examined the beams, rods, and new concrete. Of course I know this positivity will last forever (or past this week), but at least for today, I will not let little things like traffic delays or no parking irritate me.

I really have a great life and am truly lucky.

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Anonymous said...

You are so very right! Even as I sat on my stinky train to work this morning, I was in absolute awe at how gorgeous the sunrise was. Coming out of the Caldecott Tunnell felt like landing in OZ, it was so breathtaking. The high clouds were orange, pink and purple against the blue sky. I wanted to stand up and shout to the other riders, "Look everyone! Stop reading and look!"
We are blessed with so many opportunities in this world and, like sunrises, should always take a moment to acknowledge them. Eveyone enjoy your weekends!