Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A bad case of space invasion

I actually got a seat on BART this morning! However, I sat to the left of a man who definitely shops at Rochester Big & Tall, who was crossing his legs. His right leg was on his left knee, and because he's so tall, his right shoe kept on tapping on my leg.

At first, I didn't care about the accidental tap. Sure, I didn't like his shoe touching my jeans but I was able to forgive him since I assumed it was just a one time thing, and he'll quickly realize it and UN-CROSS his legs so that won't happen again.

He saw his crossed right foot run into my knee but he didn't do anything. As a result, his foot kept on tapping on my leg, over and over and over again, nonstop! His right leg, crossed, was completely encroaching my personal space! It's as if he was taking up 1.5 seats! How could he not know or not care that his dirty shoe was touching my clothes??? He must have felt the taps because I sure did! I wasn't about to move over, he's the one invading MY space!

A mean and long glare from me didn't propel him to move within his own seat. I was in a bad mood already (someone near me was wearing unbreathably strong cologne) so I snapped, I said in an obviously irritated tone, "Can you move your foot out of the way?"

"Oh, sorry about that, didn't know it was bothering you." he responded and finally un-crossed his legs.

RIGHT! I just LOVE to have someone's dirty shoe bump into my leg continuously on BART.

I snapped back, "It was." I then held my magazine up high and shifted my position in the opposite direction just to reiterate my discontent.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was trying to get your attention and flirt with you. Some guys are weird.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, with the first poster. Probably flirting with you. You seem to have a lot of problems like this on BART. What do you look like anyway? You must be a little cutie or something.