Monday, January 07, 2008

Last minute parking job

I am worried right now...why?? Because I had one minute to catch my train from the parking lot and I made the (poor) decision of not readjusting my car a bit better in order to dash for the train. I'm worried that I will come back to my car and see a dent or worse. It is a poor decision because 1) my car is currently positioned in a way where the car in back of me (not next to me, this is a parallel situation) might need to turn his/her steering wheel a few times to get out but there is room (I think), and 2) while I made it onto the train, the ride itself took 15 minutes longer than usual due to constant stop and go so I missed my shuttle and was very late to work anyways. So I probably should have just missed this train, readjust my car, and catch the next one. URGH...poor decision.

I'm planning to leave work early today for the sole purpose of getting my car out of there before the owner of the car in back of me gets there. I don't want to see a dent or any type of mark on my car even though it is my fault for parking my car so close to the other car. I'll let you know what happens.

UPDATE: I made a point to leave work early and returned to the Orinda station way before commute rush hours. I was able to get my car out of there and leave plenty of room for the Volvo to get out. I took a closer look as I got there and realized that there was enough room for the Volvo after all, even if I hadn't arrived before the driver. yes, I was a bit close but the Volvo wasn't locked in. But knowing the impatient world we live in these days, any inconvenience could easily tick people off. I've heard nightmare stories about parked vehicles getting keyed. I was prepared for it, but luckily, the Volvo driver had no clue who was parked in front of him/her.

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Anonymous said...

If you have lived in the city with a car for any length of time, you get pretty good at wedging out of tight spaces by bouncing off the bumpers of the cars behind and ahead of you. Of course this sucks if you or they have a nice car. But if you have a nice car, you have no business parking it on the street in the city.