Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fremont on time starting today? For real?

A BARTMusings reader and Fremont line commuter notified me today that there will be full automatic movement between South Hayward and Fremont beginning Saturday, 7/12! That would be great news for many commuters. Is it really happening? Please keep the rest of us posted. This has been a hot topic and sore experience for many!


Anonymous said...

So far, there are only a couple of spots where automatic does not work. They are very close, so Monday - July 14 - looks rrealistic. But this is still 27 mph operation, so plan on an extra five minutes, both in the morning and in the evening.

Anonymous said...

I read this article on BART's website, I failed to see any difference. Before BART said there would be 6 minute delays, now they say 5 minutes. Big Deal! instead of spending 71 minutes on the morning Richmond-Fremont Train, I spend 70 minutes!

Does this mean that there will be no more 20-30 minute (BART says 10-15 minutes, I timed it, and BART is wrong) platform wait times while having to get off the Fremont-SF Train at Bayfair and waiting for a Fremont-Richmond Train?

Anonymous said...

Automatic movement though this area has returned. Very few problems over the weekend were seen, which is good, not only for the patrons, but for the overall system. No more extended waits at Bay Fair that should put a slime on commuters faces.

Trains are leaving Fremont ontime now. Unlike before they were rolling 6-8 minutes early in order to be "on time" departing Bay Fair. While there is still much work to be done, the return of automatic through the area should be welcomed.