Monday, September 08, 2008

Experiment Update - 2

Well, remember my little social observation on whether anyone would offer a seat to me as a pregnant woman? Again, I have no expectations and do not feel entitled to anything. I am now at 33.5 weeks and certainly much bigger than a month ago. I can still stand capably, but when standing, I certainly prefer leaning against a wall or door to help me balance and rest. I haven't fallen inside the train (did fall on escalators but that's my fault for being in a rush) so I guess my sense of balance is still manageable. However, all that aside, even while looking extremely pregnant, no one has yet to offer me a seat, not in the designated disabled seating area nor general seating area.

It's OK-- I'm fine, but this being part of my little "experiment", I just have to report the results so far. Doesn't matter that the seated passengers are young, middle-aged, or older, men or women, no one has asked me if I'd like to sit down, despite seeing my growing belly.

I am not judging-- I feel like I can still stand at the moment. When the time comes when I can't anymore, I will have no choice but ask one of them if I may sit instead. For now, I'm just observing....and seeing if and when I will actually meet that very FIRST volunteer.


JFH said...

People are probably afraid that you might react negatively to an offer, and critize them for making assumptions. I bet they're all thinking they should do something, but they're afraid to take action.

bartmusings said...

I could see how that's the case in some situations but I'm clearly pregnant, no doubt with even just one quick glance that my stomach protrudes in a way only pregnancy can bring out. I'm down to the last stretch here! Well, it's OK-- as long as I have a bar to hold on to, I should be safe.

dndgirl said...

Sheesh! On the trains I ride, I'm pretty sure someone would offer you a seat. If I was there, I would make sure of it!