Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts? Extending Pittsburg/Baypoint line to Antioch

BART officials held a public meeting Monday night and will hold another on Friday regarding a projected $500 million extension that would continue BART light rail service from the Pittsburg/Bay Point station to Antioch, a 10-mile extension.

I am all for it IF and ONLY IF they appropriately increase the number of trains from Pittsburg/Baypoint to SF to accommodate the expected exponential increase in ridership!! Also, build/use more trains with fewer seats and more handle bars! We will need it with all those new passengers onboard. Peak hour trains are already maximum capacity on most days-- some adjustments will definitely need to be made if this extension becomes reality!


Anonymous said...

if BART has a half billion to spend (huge guffaw), more cars, tighter headways on the current trackage are a far better bang for the buck. wasting that much money for light usage in sprawlburbia is heinous.

SongMonk said...

BART gets a mention in Schneier's security blog:

Referenced article:

Anonymous said...

Word to the first comment!

Give us our infill station at 30th and Mission and we'll talk about Exurbia

Anonymous said...

I don't see how they can increae the number of trains already occupying the existing tracks. The headways are already tight as it is, especially during morning and afternoon commute.

Regardless of this fact I am still for the light rail extension beyond Pittburg/Bay Point. Not sure I would use it much, since a drive to PBP or N. Concord is under 25 minutes or so.