Monday, November 30, 2009

What to do with one empty seat and 8 people staring at it?

Interesting situation on the train this am. One seat opened up and there were at least 8 of us looking at it. Not that this means anything but I was the only female amongst 7+ men. No seniors, pregnant women or physically handicapped passengers in sight. 3 seconds have past and no one stepped towards the seat. Finally, I walked toward it and sat down. Then I hear two guys chuckling, "I guess she feels entitled."

What the heck?? Any of them could have taken the seat!!! I waited 3 seconds, I didn't take the seat because I'm female, I took it because if I didn't, someone new entering the train will!

I didn't yell back at them but I did turn my head and give a not so nice stare. If they wanted the seat, why don't they go then?? GEEZ!


Anonymous said...

After reading this blog for a bit (even though it is hardly updated ever) I have noticed more and more little things that people do on the BART system that you have already addressed that really irritate me. For instance, the people on the escalators, the dirty homeless people who take up seats and clean air space with their trash bags filled with dirty clothes or what have you, the snobby business folk who feel privileged at having first dibs to seats, the lazy bastards who lay across two seats and fall asleep during commute hours. I wish I could hand out citizen citations to all these a-holes....anyways, keep up the blog posts!

bartmusings said...

Not sure if it's a good thing that you are noticing all the annoying thing I'm writing about! :) You're right thought, the blog isn't updated enough and i blame it on my multiplying workload at my job due to workforce reduction! I'll try to do better.

Alex said...

What a bunch of jerks. I would have given them the finger. I have no problem doing those kinds of things on BART. I always appreciate whatever you write about here or on twitter- redundant or not. Makes me feel like I'm not the only one who notices these things.

Anonymous said...

It would have been perfectly appropriate to say just what you thought. "I waited, and nobody took it. If you wanted the seat, why didn't you sit down?" No yelling necessary, but it would have shown the guys crack for the stupidity that it was.

Anonymous said...

I generally let someone else take it unless I'm literally next to it when the vacating person leaves. Unless there's someone who appears likely to need it more than me.

Assuming I'm standing in a decent area (ie - not blocking a ton of people) I'll usually defer to the women to take it.

My mentality is, if it was my wife, I'd want/let her sit down.