Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Should a station agent assist a vision-impaired man??

That should be a pretty simple question. The logical answer, of course, would be YES! But believe it or not, a man who is blind or vision-impaired loudly asked for assistance near the station agent's window. The station agent saw him but did not run out to assist. The vision-impaired man continued to ask for help, and finally, I, along with another passenger helped direct him towards the exit.

Perhaps the station agent was busy with some critical work? Maybe he didn't see the cane and didn't recognize that the man could not see? But wouldn't the agent offer help to a passenger pleading for assistance?

What is the job of the station agent? We all know they do not give change (so says their sign) and they love to point to the BART route map whenever someone asks them a question. They manage the station to some degree, I'm guessing?

I'd love to know what they do exactly and what qualities BART looks for in a station agent?? We already know that they make a good salary based on the salary reports-- but what do they do for us?


Anonymous said...

The next time you see a Station Agent do something like that, ask them for their name and write up a formal complaint on a comment card and mail it in to BART. And grab some extra complaint cards and pass them out to everyone else who witnessed the event so they can also write in.

Assholes like that keep their jobs because nobody lodges formal complaints.

If enough of us alerted BART to those kind of employees they'd get fired.

Anonymous said...

Their usual work is talking on their dam cell phones all day long.

Anonymous said...

Their usual work is talking on their dam cell phones all day long.

BARTSurfer said...

Do station agents make $90k like the janitors?

Anonymous said...

I am a station agent. WE are required to assit anyone with disabilties. In fact, we spend 8 hours in training learning how to do it! They even go, so far as to blind fold us and have us walk a station. Report the agent!

I resent the, "Their usual work is talking on their cell phones." I never talk on my phone in the booth. I view it, as unprofessional.

And no, I did not make 90k last year.

Truckload Shipment said...

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