Thursday, July 14, 2011

The X-rated 5:30am crowd at Powell Station

I had to come into the office much earlier than usual this morning to present for a prospect in Chicago. Th early morning crowd outside and around Powell Station are not quite what I expected. I didn't know what to expect since most of the business crowd got off at Embarcadero and Montgomery, and Powell Station doesn't start buzzing until 8am, but was quite an experience.

First, it was interesting to see how many homeless are able to use Powell Station as their overnight sleeping hub-- I'm glad, they do no harm and at least the station is arm.

Once I got on the escalator to street level, I noticed a homeless man, not 100% sane, following me up. He started screaming, "Take off your jacket for me, baby, come on. It's not that cold out there, baby, take it off, take off your jacket, it's ok."

What the hell?? I dashed up the escalators as quickly as I could as he continued screaming his request.

I ran into the Coffee Bean to retrieve some much needed morning caffeine to pump up my energy before my presentation. Only to run into yet another obscene screamer telling me to "**ck off, you hear me, **ck you, **ck the world, yes you, look at me when I'm talking to you, **ck you."

I then walked half a block towards the office and saw at least half a dozen pee puddles (trust me, you can smell it.) Now i know why the businesses on Market Street must hose down the sidewalk every morning!!! I thank them for it!!

Interesting experience to say the least. I much rather prefer homeless who just ask me for money so they can buy a pack of cigarettes!!

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