Monday, April 23, 2012

Shouldn't "No Bikes on BART" be extended to "No Shopping Carts on BART" as well??

I'm sure you all agree, you'd much rather allow a bike than a shopping cart filled with trash, old food, cans/bottles, and unwashed clothes on the train??? Right?? Well, this morning, the train operator screams over the speakers for a man with a bike to get off the train. "No bikes on this train. This is a commuter only train. Please exit right now or this train will go out of service!" Wow, I thought, with a threat and all. She's a tough one. I felt bad for the guy on the bike but continued on with my Twitter feed. Two stations later, a homeless person with a huge shopping cart, pushes his way through a crowded train. It was unbearably cramped, not to mention, the smell was also unbearable! We all waited for the train operator to shout through the intercom again, but she didn't. Someone spoke up and told the homeless man that there just isn't enough room in here, but of course, he remained inside, in fact, he sat down and even stretched his legs. At that point, all I could do was be grateful that he got on at West Oakland, and I am 5 minutes away from semi-fresh air (sorry, BART station air is not fresh.) Once we arrived at Embarcadero, everyone dashed out as fast as they could. What's the policy for shopping carts?? For homeless? Are we lenient on the homeless on purpose? I am fine with them seeking shelter in the stations, but on the trains as well? What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I thought that was funny. But seriously, there should be no shopping carts - that's just over the top

Brad said...

Yeah I mean I guess you can look at either view point here. It really doesnt effect me because I dont bring shopping carts on BART lol.... Do you guys think this should be allowed?

X-Cel Glass Owner

AJ said...

Certainly carts shouldn't be allowed, but you also have to consider what could the operator do? If he/she knew there was no Bart police on the train or in the station, most homeless aren't going to care if the train operator is shouting at them. Perhaps the best thing for all the passengers is just to rush into SF and let the commuters get to work.

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