Friday, June 28, 2013

Ready for a BART strike next week???

It looks like a 72 hour notice has been given by the Union, and with the current contract expiring this Sunday at 11:59pm, we should all think of commuting alternatives come Monday should the strike happen!  

I am fortunate enough to have the option to work from home and stay away from the mess if BART shuts down but for everyone else, are ferry, carpool or transbay bus viable alternatives?  

As much as I complain about BART and its dependability and cleanliness, we are so dependent on it.  If it truly shuts down one day, the Bay Area economy could fracture.  That is way too much power in BART's hands, including the workers.  

Well, what are you going to do next Monday if BART strikes?

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ZEOHSIX said...

I'm going to work in my company provided transportation. I feel sorry for all the regular BART riders, the system is FILTHY shows many signs of poor maintenance. It would be one thing if the employees took pride and effort in their jobs and made the system a pleasant place to ride. The only public transportation system in the area which shows some pride is the SF cable car systems. Greedy disgusting pigs! Reminds me of the Wall Street bankers.