Monday, July 01, 2013

Learn the facts? Here's something about BART overtime pay you should know.

This article was very helpful in laying out some outrageous facts.  And the writer is right, it should come down to what BART can ultimately afford to do.  Any additional burden would cripple riders who need the transit system to make an honest living.

Some of these employees are abusing the system and the policies.  I know it's not representative of the entire BART workforce but I'm sure it's not uncommon.  It's part of the overall attitude that all of us passengers can attest to.

What would I rate my daily encounters with BART employees?  Probably a C- at best.  There is no "customer service" and when I legitimately need assistance with something, I am being treated as if I just woke someone up from a cozy nap and I should be punished.

I welcome everyone to post the facts here.  If this article isn't accurate, I would like to read others.  So far, articles I've found represent what this one says.

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