Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another wet day!

Today, it wasn't just raining, it was pouring! The train was just 3-4 minutes delayed but it was completely packed with soaked passengers. Wet umbrellas and raincoats were sticking to my clothes, purse, and worst of all, my magazine! It was infuriating seeing the pages of my new US Weekly absorb the leftover drain drops off people's raincoats as they squeezed into the train.

The most frustrating part of the journey this morning was the Embarcadero Station's out of service escalators. These escalators (both sides) were out of service yesterday AND today! The past two days, the staircase have caused a huge line (or actually mass of people in chaos), causing at least a 3 minute delay exiting the station. You've got people with suitcases who have to carry it up the stairs. You've got people who are physically unable to walk up the stairs at a normal pace. You've got people who are also coming DOWN the stairs from streetlevel. Everyone is sharing a staircase that is about 4 feet wide. And ADD umbrellas on top of everyone's head and you've got a serious wet, crowded mess. The man in front of me was using a huge golf umbrella and the tips kept on poking at me that I had to protect my head with my flimsy miniature umbrella. He had no clue that his oversized umbrella was about to poke my eyes out.

Then, suddenly, the lines of people slow moving upwards came to a halt. This sudden stop caused everyone walking up the stairs to jam into the person in front. It was a cluster ****! The woman in back of me stepped on my right shoe causing me to trip and push the man in front for balance. I felt his glare, but the oversized umbrella saved me from seeing his pissed off face.

I walked into the office this morning with the bottom 2 inches of my pants wet. It was impossible today to avoid puddles since they've become mini ponds.

I just hope the escalators will be fixed tomorrow.

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