Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A good start to the new year with BART, maybe?

With the new increased tolls on the bridges and the first day of work after the holidays, I anticipated today's BART ride to SF to be a horrendously crowded and delayed. I thought I would have at ton of new complaints to But instead, it was ridiculously ontime..the second the arrival time flashed on the clock, the train arrived! Not only that, I got a seat!

It's probably because there are still folks on vacation and I know some companies gave today off too. But still, it's nice to have SOMETHING go my way today.

Hope that in 2007, BART trains will have a higher ontime arrival percentage, no more fare and parking fee hikes, and new plastic flooring. Actually, just the first two will please me enough.

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Anonymous said...

You have just had your improved BART service/experience for 2007. From now on it's the usual downhill slide.