Monday, August 20, 2007

Airport frustrations

Just returned from a 3-day weekend trip and the plane ride home was horrendous. I won't go into the 90 minute delay or the fact that the ground crew took more than 10 minutes to connect the gangway to the plane so passengers can de-plane, no, I won't talk about that.

I will only gripe about idiotic passengers who STILL DON'T KNOW that you need to have your boarding pass and ID in hand when you approach the security point. Despite TSA officers yelling "Please have your boarding pass and ID ready" every 3-5 minutes, and multiple signs and TV monitors that tell you to have those handy. there are still people who cluelessly tread along the endless lines for 30-45 minutes not knowing that they are about to hold up the line even more.

Finally, they reach the ID checkpoint, the TSA officer asks, "I need your passport and ID". These idiots say, "oh, really? already? now? Oh, I didn't know that", while they hopelessly search through their purses, bags, pockets, and luggage. Finally, they pull out the ticket or boarding pass only. The TSA officer says, "I also need your ID." Again, these clueless fools act surprised, "oh? you need that too?" while they take way too long to pull it out.

Meanwhile, the rest of us waits, with our boarding passes and IDs in hand, like we're supposed to. These same imbeciles are the same ones who don't know to take off their boots, even while TSA yells in front of them, "take off all shoes, including tennis shoes."

These are probably the same idiots who block the BART ticket turnstiles while searching through their bags and purses, and the same people who block the leftside of the escalators and not noticing that everyone is walking around them!


Anonymous said...

They need to have a second queue. When somebody pulls that stunt, ask them to step into the second queue, so the rest of the line continue at speed. In the event that everybody is on the ball and the slow line empties out, send "smart" passengers there too, like opening a second checkstand at the grocery. Somehow, though, I doubt that they will have any trouble keeping that line filled with slowpokes.

Anonymous said...

At the Phoenix airport in July, a cranky TSA agent was sending unprepared people to the back of the queue. Or at least the two Captain Oblivions standing in front of me. Every time the line moved I had to tap one of them on the shoulder and ask them to step forward since they weren't paying attention. That TSA agent made my day.

bartmusings said...

oh, that is funny! good for that TSA agent for doing that!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'm a snooty jerk, so I think of it as the Southwest effect.