Thursday, August 09, 2007

Food violator makes a mess on BART

A female passenger walks into the train today with a computer bag, backpack and a closed container of yogurt in hand. She stands up next to the safety pole, puts down her bags, grabs on to the pole with one hand, and opens up the yogurt container.

She tries to balance herself while eating the yogurt but between holding a spoon, holding the yogurt, and grabbing on to the pole, she loses her balance and tips over the yogurt. The yogurt spills on the ground and makes a thick white mess on the carpet.

I was thoroughly annoyed. I had to just say to her, "You know you're not allowed to eat in here right?" She said, "Oh really? I had no clue. I eat in here all the time." Then, I said, "No food signs are all over the train. See that sign over there?" Someone else chimed in, "Now who's going to clean up your mess?"

The woman pulls out notebook paper (guess she had nothing else) and tries to wipe up the yogurt with it. She smears it all over, but eventually does wipe it clean. She had a large rumpled mess of notebook paper drenched in yogurt in her hands as she finally walked out of the train.

I think she learned a good lesson as everyone was watching her struggle to clean up her yogurt stains for 15 minutes. I doubt she'll eat on BART again. Someone offered her some tissue paper to help absorb the mess a bit better. I have to say she did a pretty good job, possibly quicker and better than waiting for BART cleaning staff to take care of it. In the end, the carpet just looked like any other portions of the BART train floors- dry but stained. You can't even tell anything had happened.


Anonymous said...

Too bad she didn't step into her own mess, hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Not defending her eating on the train, but at least she cleaned up her mess and learned a lesson. Give her a little credit. Most people that eat on the train would have given you the finger or worse.

Anonymous said...

BART should learn from her cleaning skills.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm so glad to hear people willing to confront her and saying something about it. I'm sooo tired of people who see that and fume, then whine about it all day to their coworkers. Then bring it home to their spouse or children and continue the whine.

Rules in life, like laws, are there for a purpose. Some people just don't get it.

Also, everybody has rights. That includes the people that whine all day. Cut it out and learn to handle your gripes correctly. You have a right to not have to deal with people and actions like that.

You can deal with it either like these ladies did, or if you don't feel like personal confrontation, make a note of the train number and which car and just take a second out of your busy commute to register your complaint with a BART agent at the ticket counter on your way out/or in on your return trip. Or call or email BART.

But please, stop the whining to people who are tired of hearing about it and deal with it effectively yourself.

And "rule breakers", get a clue...

Public transportation isn't your own little private ride to do with as you please.

Learn to be considerate of others, of the train, of your surroundings, of all the people who use the service ALL DAY who come after you!

Even the maintenance workers who have to clean the trains every night while you sleep. Sure it might be their job to clean up, but that doesn't mean you have to break the rules and leave your garbage all over "just because they have people to clean it up". You're an idiot if you have been raised to think that way!

Take some responsibilty for yourself and the environment you move thru everyday. You just might learn something.

Anonymous said...

There is something that I have NEVER understood when it comes to 'food violators'. Specifically, how is it that people can actualy STAND to eat on BART? I mean, between the mystery stains on the seats, trash strewn about, and various bodily odors from all the passengers, the mere THOUGHT of eating on BART makes me nauseous.