Tuesday, September 04, 2007

You tell 'em!

While standing today, I saw a perfect example of passengers speaking up and help enforce train rules. A woman in her 20s sat in the handicapped seat and pretended to be sleeping (or not, but she seemed to only be sleeping when we arrive at stations) when an elderly woman with a cane walked in. The train was packed. There wasn't barely any room to stand! It was almost too crowded to find space on a safety pole to grab on to.

The young woman had no intention of getting up whatsoever. Her eyes were opened but she kept her head down. Immediately, a man right around the area tapped her shoulder and said, "Please get up. There's someone disabled who needs to sit down."

The young woman was not happy but obliged. She pouted the rest of the way. I'm just glad someone spoke up immediately!


Anonymous said...

that's great to hear. i'm glad to see that someone is telling these myspace generation kids what is right and wrong!

dndgirl said...

Kudos to that gentleman!

Anonymous said...

Funny how well asking politely works. I saw something similar a couple of days ago. A twenty-ish female was lounging stretched out across two seats. Other seating was unavailable. Several people entered the car, gave her a disgusted look, and moved on. No joy for them. Finally one lady approached the seat and asked firmly but politely, "May I sit down please?" She made room immediately.

It would be nice if the lounger would have been polite enough not to put her feet up in the first place, but at least she made room when requested.

Glamour said...

Just wonderful!