Monday, December 17, 2007

Donate your small amount tickets this holiday season!

I know we can do this all year long but since it's the holidays, and if you've saved up all your small amount tickets throughout the year like I did, there is no better time to donate it to a non-profit organization!

I can't seem to find an easy-access list of all the charities that accept these tickets as donations (if you know of a url, let me know), but with a quick Google search, the list seems to be quite long!

I have about 40 small amount tickets saved up this year and will be sending them off to Berkeley East Bay Humane Society.


Anonymous said...

I think this is a great idea, but I seem to remember hearing somewhere that BART might have short-changed some nonprofits in the past. I will encourage patrons to donate their tiny tickets this holiday season more than usual.

Anonymous said...

Okay, dumb question, but is there a reason you don't just put the ticket in the machine and get the remaining value added onto a new ticket when you buy one? Either that or use Add-fare to make the ticket exact on its final trip?

Not that donations aren't a good thing. Just that saving all those tiny tickets is kind of unnecessary, unlike the pocket change that piles up over time. For that matter, I use my pocket change to add-fare my tiny tickets. This is nice because I get full value for the change that way. -- unlike CoinStar, where they charge a whopping 9 percent to sort the coins and issue a voucher for the cash. That means 9 percent more of that money is available when it's time to write a check for a donation.

bartmusings said...

to anonymous #2, it's partially laziness that i don't just add up the tickets to make it a full fare, but it's also partially because my work provides commuter vouchers to purchase BART tickets, so I always have a big stack to use and dont need to add up the amount. i used to add amount to make it a one-way trip, but ever since i found out about the charity option, i've been saving them up for that.

mmf1 said...

We use the red & white "Disabled" BART tickets. It appears that we cannot add on to those tickets. People who use the green and white "Seniors" tickets may have the same problem. I had trouble even adding on to leave the BART system.
So, we accumulate quite a few tiny tickets.