Sunday, February 03, 2008

Another reason for adding plexi-glass blockades

I've just returned to the Bay Area from a trip in Asia. I left a rainy Hong Kong to come back to a hailing Orinda. It is great to be home, however. If you read my previous post about the Hong Kong MTR, you'll know that one of the listed reasons was that there are glass doors that protect passengers from the trains and tracks. The glass doors release only once the train doors open.

Don't think we need it on BART? Whether it's accidental or intentional, here is one good reason why. Of course I know the negative implications of making BART more safe. To do something like that, BART will likely hike fees (again), say they'd rather put resources into security and train improvements (yes, much needed), and of course, passengers should have the sense to not get too close to the tracks and if they don't they should suffer the consequences.

I've seen groups of kids, joking around with each other, getting way too close to falling into the tracks. I've seen people slip in the train, falling dangerously close to the tracks. Furthermore, the open tracks are treated like trash cans by others. Why leave them open?

I'm not saying BART must have plexi-glass doors. I definitely do not want to see fare raised by $1 per leg just to get this done. Besides, there are too many things that BART needs to improve on.

It's just that after my recent trip and transit experiences abroad, I need to ask why not us?

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