Friday, July 10, 2009

Hearse racing down 680

I have meetings in SJ today so I drove down instead of taking BART to SF. On my way down 680, I saw a hearse driving at 85+ mph. It was even weaving in and out of lanes to continue at its fast speed. I'm certain it was "unoccupied" but even so, it was a bit weird seeing a hearse cruising at such a fast speed.

I was behind the hearse for quite some time. It was in the fast lane and at times going nearly 90 mph, definitely faster than I can keep up. Maybe it was late picking up a coffin at a funeral home? Sure seemed like the driver was in a huge rush to get somewhere!

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Master Chief said...

A friend of mine in college bought a used hearse to use as a commuter car.

He was a woodworker, and his reasoning was that it gave him plenty of room to hold sheets of plywood and woodworking supplies, without being as expensive as a truck or van.

I wonder if the hearse you saw was still "operational" or if it had been purchased by someone for uses other than carting around corpses.