Thursday, July 16, 2009

While the BART unions reject the contract, let's talk about something else for the moment

I don't quite believe the current poll results from the first survey question on whether people give up their seat to the deserving while seated in the disabled designated seats. Based on the survey, a whopping 97% of us graciously give up our seats?? Hmm...based on daily observations throughout the many years as a BART commuter, I would have to say it seems more like 50% of us do and the other 50% pretends to be asleep or intensely engrossed in their reading material or device. Or maybe it's because those who actually care to read BART Musings tend to be the ones who know the difference between right and wrong?

As for the 2nd question on whether BART should enforce the no food/drink rule? I've been told by readers that this is a poorly worded, trick question. They would like BART to keep the no food/drinks rule only if they actually choose to enforce it. Right now, the rule exists but BART doesn't care enough to enforce it by issuing warnings or fines to those who choose to bring in their meals and beverages. BART lets it happen and as a result, more people feel that it's OK to bring in a coffee and bagel, or at times, pizza and beer on the weekends.

The survey closes in 2 days. Get your vote in!

As for the negotiations, Amalgamated Transit Union member unanimously rejected the contract and Service Employees International Union is expected to do the same today.

So much for progress. This will likely drag on until end of summer.


SongMonk said...

When you say you "don't believe the poll results", do you mean that you think the results are not representative of the riders of BART? (I agree.) Do you mean you think people are lying when respond to the poll? (I don't agree.)

Master Chief said...

Personally speaking, I just don't ever sit in those seats at all.

I'd rather just stand than accidentally look like an asshole because I'm sitting in a senior/disabled seat when I shouldn't be.

bartmusings said...

Good point, SongMonk. To be brutally honest, I think both contributed to the poll results. Most of the time, I do willingly give up my seat (anywhere) to someone who needs it more, but once or twice, yeah, I was so tired that I purposely (and shamefully) closed my eyes to sit a little while longer. But I did answer yes still because 99.9% of the time, I have given up my seat.

Anonymous said...

Check out how much a BART Train Operator makes, most make $110,000/yr +!!!!

Talk about overpaid! I work for a Local Government doing a job that is critical to the City and I only get paid $88,000/yr. I can make a living just fine on this much. Why do the Train Operators and other BART employees think they need to make more money!

Here is a search of the BART salaries database:

Anonymous said...

While there's no doubt that some people are just selfish and don't wanna give up their seat, it's important to note that surveys like this rely on people's *perception* of need. Unless someone asks to sit in those seats, it's up to the person sitting there to determine who might need to sit. I think it's more likely that poll respondents just have differing views on who actually *needs* to sit.