Tuesday, January 05, 2010

BART Parking Vendor is AWFUL!!!

What a way to start the new year. I have a monthly permit to park at the reserved area in the Orinda Station but I'm thinking of canceling it and buy daily instead since I no longer take BART everyday of the week due to my once a week commitment to go to San Jose and my ability to telecommute on Fridays. It just isn't cost effective anymore.

In case you don't know, BART parking is managed by Parking Carma. You are able to buy and print permits online, although you cannot alter or cancel the permit reservation! You must speak with a LIVE person.

What is the point of an online account management system then?? That's not all. Fine, I'll call a live person to get this done if I have to but my goodness, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE????

The number 415-671-7343 has been BUSY for two days! Actually, one time, I got through, and waited for more than 10 minutes and suddenly, it went silent. I hung up.

What the heck??? Hire more people if you don't have enough operators or reps! Lots of people need jobs right now!

I refused to be charged another month because I cannot get through to Parking Carma.

I'll keep you posted on this!


bartmusings said...

OK, their line is still busy BUT someone did answer my email inquiry about cancellation fairly quickly. See? I'm fair. I wish there's some way people can do this online!!!

bartmusings said...

Just an update to the situation: Since this blog posted, a representative from Parking Carma has inquired on my exact experience and was quite supportive and helpful. For anyone who needs to cancel their permits, I definitely recommend just emailing your questions/requests instead of dialing.

Anonymous said...

GOod to hear that someone responded.