Friday, March 30, 2007

Increasing gas prices prompting people to take BART?

After a quick break in gas prices late last year, we are now seeing the prices approaching $4 again! It is projected that by summer time, we will certainly near the $3.90 - $4.00 range.

With lighter traffic on Fridays, I certainly can drive to SF from where I live. In fact, if I'm lucky, I can make it within 30 minutes, which is nearly half the time it takes for me to drive to BART, park, ride the train, wait for the company shuttle, get to work via shuttle from Civic Center station. But I don't do it!

Why don't I drive on Fridays? Because $4 toll, plus 1/5 or 1/6 tank of gas (depending on traffic both ways) of gas which comes out to $8 - $10, plus parking in SOMA which comes out to $10....all make it completely illogical for me to even try to drive to SF! If I try to park in the meters, I do save the $10 in parking costs, but I have to come out every two hours or risk a $25 ticket!

So, as much as I don't like being bound to BART's schedule and especially the company shuttle's schedule, I submit myself to it nonetheless because I do not want to spend $16-$20 just to enjoy the liberty of driving to work in the comfort of my own car.

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