Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ultimate Rudeness and my BART passenger personality breakdown

There are 4 types of BART passengers: A) the ones that are always considerate and polite, B) the ones that are innocently clueless but don't mean to be inconsiderate and are willing to correct their actions when told, C) the ones who are considerate and polite most of the time but can react negatively when provoked, and finally, D) the ones that are just plain rude and could give a damn what you tell them to do or not do! (I fall in type C)

Today, a man in his 30s was blocking the left side of the esacalator. The right side was also completely occupied with standing passengers. This man had headsets on. He carried a huge duffle bag with him that was intruding into the space of the passenger standing right next to him on the right side of the escalator. He had a long line of people in back of him...trying to walk up the escalator. I was two behind. The woman in front of me asked this guy to please walk up because there are people behind him. He didn't even turn around. Then, the woman tapped his shoulders to tell him, and he reluctantly took off his headsets, But his response to her request was, "I ain't walking. You can walk around me." I have a lot of respect for this woman- she actually pushed him further and told him, the left is for people who want to walk up because they need to get somewhere and the right is for people who want to ride the escalator. This man replied rudely, "I told you, I ain't walking."

So, we all just stood there behind him. Finally, once he reached the top, he didn't even make way for the rest of us walking forward. He stood there, changing his CD, blocking the escalator area completely!!

Blatantly rude and inconsiderate! There are just people like that out there!! I find that most daily commuters are Type C BART passenger profile like me. The infrequent BART to SFO riders are often Type B. Type A profiled BART passengers are very rare but always pleasant to encounter because they are the ones that actually give up their seat for people, even when they're not in one of the exit seats. Type Ds are the ultimate worst!


Anonymous said...

Just as bad are the morons who stand in the doorway of a crowded train and refuse to budge while people are trying to get off, even thought the TO continually makes announcements asking them not to. I sometimes brush against them or hit them with my bag hoping that next time they'll think twice about blocking the exit.

Anonymous said...

It's worse when it's two morons at the doors, one on either side.