Monday, March 26, 2007

Watch out for the WET seat

You know there must be something wrong with a seat when the train is packed with standing passengers but everyone avoids sitting on that seat once it has been vacated by the previous passenger.

A woman in a ripped tank top and sweats (didn't get a chance to look at whether her rear was wet or not) left the seat at MacArthur. Once she got up, many people walked towards it, but only to make a funny face and quickly walk away from it.

Why? It had a big wet stain on it! It was a concentrated wet stain....a big circle that still appeared to have ample wetness. It didn't look like an old coffee stain, the edges didn't turn light brown, like other coffee stains.

I wasn't about to touch the stain to see if it's wet or dry, and neither were other passengers. We all just stared at the big wet spot, paused, and walked away. I would much rather stand than be the one to test whether the stain is dry or wet.

Finally, a man who was paying more attention to his cellphone than the seat sat down! We all looked at him, thinking, "you don't know what you just did!"

Too bad I had to leave the train before he did....I didn't have a chance to see whether the wet stain transported to his jeans.

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