Thursday, November 01, 2007

A host of annoying things this morning

Everyday, my train is packed now. I'm used to the crowd, it's fine, but this morning, a few people in there really got on my nerves.

Person #1:
A man flossing his teeth on the train. SICK!

Person #2:
A clueless old man taking BART to the airport. He laid his large suitcase (3 feet high) on the floor, blocking and tripping people. He looked confused, so I asked, "do you want me to help you place your luggage on the side?" He said, "don't touch my suitcase." OK....whatever you say, but you're in everyone's way!

Person #3:
A dressed up 30 something woman with a staring problem. I swear we made eye contact at least 10 times. She stared at my face, my jeans, to my shoes. I'm also 30 something and maybe she's just thinking to herself that she will never fit into my skinny jeans since she's 3 times my size. No, that's bad of me, sorry, I'm a grump today, but I really don't know why she kept on staring nonstop. I even opened my eyes wider and didn't look away when we made eye contact...gesturing "what are you looking at!" Sorry, this morning's ride made me grouchy.


Rafael said...

Maybe she was "into" you?
Just let her know that you are married.

Anonymous said...

My peeve is how people will slide over to the aisle seat when the car starts emptying out at Embarcadero, taking two seats to themselves even though there are still riders standing. I'm seriously tempted to climb over the top of them to get to the window seat. Your damn backpack doesn't have plantar fasciitis, now scoot!

Anonymous said...

Many people prefer the aisle. If someone is sitting in the aisle seat it's your responsibility to say "excuse me" and then they can get up and let you in. No climbing needed.

Anonymous said...

Courtesy dictates that you slide over beside the window to make the open seat available.

Anonymous said...

If someone would like to sit in the empty window seat next to you, you can stand/move/make room for the other person to get by. If you prefer the aisle seat, that is your choice. You should not be forced to take the window seat just because it is open.

Anonymous said...

If you really like the aisle seat, then you should make the effort to get up and let the other person in without being asked. You will have to get up anyway when they ask, so you may as well show a little courtesy. If you sit there in stony silence, you not only get what you want, but you WASTE as seat that you don't even want. That's just plain selfish.

Anonymous said...

Get up without being asked? We're mind readers now? Say I'm sitting in the aisle seat and another passenger is walking toward me.... Do I get up? How do I know another person even wants the window seat; maybe they want to stand, or are just passing my seat on the way to anther part of the car. No, if you want a window seat you can open your mouth and ask. A simple, "excuse me" is all it ever takes.

Anonymous said...

The point isn't wanting a window seat. It's wanting a seat, period. A seat which you happen to have blocked, thank you very much. How about a little courtesy in exchange for getting the seat you want, instead of ignoring me? Did somebody make YOU ask for the aisle seat?

This brings me back to my original complaint: people who have been sitting in the window seat, who then slide over to the aisle seat and block the window seat they were just occupying. Not only have they sat while I stood for the last half-hour, they are now making it more difficult for me to get to a seat when it comes available.

It's very impolite.

Anonymous said...

Clipping your disgusting nails makes me sick.