Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I am a creature of habit

I sometimes wonder why I tend to enter the train through the same door, stand in the same area (assuming its available), sit in the same seat on the way home, exit through the same door (surprisingly not the same one I enter, I walk one door over to be closer to the escalators)?? Am I that predictable? I guess I am! Which brings me to my story today...

I had an early morning meeting today which required me to take a train about an hour earlier than usual. I was running late...I had to spring up the escalators and slip through the first door I see.

I got a seat and allowed myself to relax through the ride. When we arrived at Embarcadero, I had forgotten that I had entered through a different door (maybe I was too sleepy). By Civic Center, my stop, I still remained seated (usually, I am standing and waiting by the door), looked outside the door, and did not see the usual view that I've become accustomed to from my usual train location. Because of that, I somehow figured that oh no, it's not my stop yet, and remained seated. Suddenly, my brain woke up....I looked up and saw "CIVIC CENTER" spelled out right in front of me. I barely made it out the train!

Just a slight break in my patterns threw me off! Perhaps I was tired from the earlier schedule and not thinking with a straight head but yes, I definitely am used to my habits and patterns!


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the human race.

My personal demon is my office cardkey.

Josh said...

I am driven by the very same habits. I always board at the doors nearest the escalator of the station where I will be departing... if that makes sense.

What throws me off is sometimes they will throw in a 9-car train when it is usually scheduled as a 10-car. Then I get a bit discombobulated.

Honey B said...

I know. I always walk the same route, stand in the same place, and try to sit in the same seats (the front ones near the door that don't have the handicapped seat in front of them, so I can get up when it's my stop and don't have to ask anyone to move.)