Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I can't stand it when anyone hurls a big chunk of phlegm + spit from their throat and shoots it with force out of their mouth and onto the ground. It's sickening. I don't care if they are old, or it's a cultural thing, or sick, or whatever excuse they have, one needs to have the decency to at least hurl it out in some attempt of silence and spit it out in a tissue or napkin, then toss it.

That said, you WILL NOT believe what I saw today. Someone did that and spit onto the train floors. The carpet is dirty already but it definitely did not need a wet, contagious mass to dirty it up some more! How classless is this person?? And it's not like we had a chance to show our discontent since he exited right afterwards. The yellowish/orangish mass just sat there on the carpet. Everyone who saw the perpetrator was avoiding it like the plague, but some poor woman walked in at West Oakland and steps right over it. No one told her, it's probably better that she didn't know.

Before you start guessing what this person looks like, I'd like to urge you not to. I've seen all types of people do this from all ethnicities, so I really don't think we should be stereotyping and making irresponsible assumptions.

Nevertheless, absolutely disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Disgusting! Couldn't this person have waited...since they obviously exited right afterwards, makes one believe the individual did it on purpose.

With that said...I've been known to hurl some phlegm/spit - but ONLY when running or cycling (therefore it's either a trail, sidewalk, etc...but I try to not do it right in the middle of said location). Somehow, it tends to build up in these situations. What're you gonna do?

But NEVER, EVER, EVER on a train, or some other public place like that, no way. My goodness, I even hate coughing on the train, even if I do it into a tissue or something. Obviously, there are times where it's unavoidable, cause it kind of just happens, but...spitting right into the middle of the train - truly, truly classless.

bartmusings said...

Couldn't have said it better. Truly a new level of low. I was in shock that someone would actually do that, then shock turned into disgust and avoidance. I didn't even want to look that direction to catch another glimpse of the lovely chunk of wet mass.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

on carpet? this is why carpet does not belong on public transportation.