Tuesday, March 25, 2008

South Hayward BART Station Safety

Every so often, I'd get a direct question about BART. I'm always really flattered when that happens and do try my best to provide an accurate and comprehensive response. I received a question about the safety of S. Hayward station this day and age from someone who is just moving back to the Bay Area from Atlanta. While I recall reading articles about crimes at S. Hayward station, I definitely did not want to generalize and thought it might be more useful if I open it up to people who actually know and use the station, and let them answer this question for this nice woman.

So, if you know or use the S. Hayward station, what is it like? Is it safe? Do you see BART police presence?

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Anonymous said...

Lots of petty crime, vandalism, but not a bad place to be in the daylight (bus transfer, or someone dropping you off). Safety in numbers. A winter commute is OK, if you are in the hordes at 6 PM, but not if your job keeps you out til 10 PM.

For the same commute, and probably same house/apartment price. Try Fremont or Castro Valley. A lot less trouble.