Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time for madness

I've learned to not talk about anything other than BART and the commute on this blog because whenever I get off topic, I tend to receive very negative feedback. Which is fine, I can take criticisms! But every so often, I cannot help it. If you've been following BART Musings for quite some time, you probably know just a hand full of personal things about me. For one, I've talked about being a pet owner and animal lover. Second, you know I work around SOMA and need to take a connecting shuttle, which can become a drag. Third, you know I live in Orinda, previously in Lafayette. And the one other thing that I used to talk about more but stopped on purpose is that I am a big sports fan, from NFL, MLB, to College!

I'm breaking my own rule today because March Madness has started and it is all I can think about. If you don't care much about the tournament, I know I must sound like an idiot, annoying fool, or a mad person, but the past two tourneys have brought me so close to the championship that this year, anything less than winning it all will just rip out my heart. I am so nervous and anxious for my team. They have more skill, more experience, and more talent combined than any other team, but we all know that in these situations, you need something else too....momentum and luck.

I am writing this entry to bring mojo for my beloved team. Please take it one step at at time, but win it all!! We're bringing banner #12 home to Pauley Pavilion this year!! guys (the players) can all join the draft because after that I'll be OK with 1 or 2 years of rebuilding.

Who is my team? If you've read my entries around March the past two years, you know I'm talking about the UCLA BRUINS! Give me a reason to fly to San Antonio! Win it all this time please! Go Bruins!

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Anonymous said...

In order to achieve this championship, you'll most likely have to go through UNC. I personally don't see that happening, but I respect you for cheering on your alma mater.