Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Love Connection on BART

Funny thing happened today during my morning ride. A man and a woman exchanged phone numbers. Their shy conversation was heard by a whole section of the train. It was rather sweet actually. They first smiled. The man started out by saying, "We've been on the same schedule a lot lately, haven't we?" The woman smiled and said, "Yeah, seems like it." Then they talked about where they worked, where they lived, what their hobbies were, and the usual first "date" conversation. Finally, the man had to exit at Embarcadero and he asked for her number. They quickly exchanged business cards before the door closed. The woman was smiling to herself afterwards as she looked at the card, and exited at Powell.

Very sweet. BART connects people!


SongMonk said...

I *love* that story. Can you imagine how many times they must have seen each other before having that conversation? And you got to see what the guy did not get to see -- the woman smiling to herself after he left.

Anonymous said...

Hah. Although no where near as sweet, I once saw a teenaged young man randomly hand a girl a slip of paper. As far as I knew, they had never spoken before ans she had no idea who he was or what the piece of paper was for. He was diagonally one row behind her (I was in the row in front of him and to her side) when he lightly tapped her elbow and handed her the piece of paper.

She was busy playing a game or something on what looked like a PSP and she turned around, looked at him as if he had sprouted 3 heads and went back to playing her game. She briefly glanced at the slip of paper and continued playing.

Then there was that one time when a teenaged girl and her friends HELD UP THE TRAIN by standing in the doorway to scream her number down at some guys at the other end. I was semi-tempted to write it down and prank call her but I didn't.