Monday, April 20, 2009

The sun is out and so are the homeless

This always happens when the weather turns from cold to warm. Today, the Civic Center station vicinity was filled with homeless folks sitting around the sidewalks, chatting, catching up, soaking up the sun, laying out their belongings, and sun drying their wardrobe; all in great spirits! The warm weather is no doubt a welcomed change for them. It really is a sad reality, however, to see just HOW MANY homeless are out there. Now that they've all come out, you realize just how significant the homeless population is. Literally, 2 out of every 5 people I walked by today (near the station) were homeless. They were everywhere.

Seeing the homeless is nothing new around the Civic Center area but I've never seen this many. It really has gotten worse this past year. I guess there just aren't enough resources for the agencies to help all of them, especially while in a recession. It was a very sad sight to see the streets lined with homeless. While I once declared on this blog that I will stop giving money to the homeless (after doing so for several years but later saw same young man drinking away), I couldn't help but give a couple dollars to an older homeless man today who was looking for food to eat.

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