Friday, March 24, 2006

The morning after....

I generally don't buy the newspaper before I hop on BART. I rely on my magazine subscriptions or a good book to get me through the ride. I get my news from the SF Chronicle website ( and generally don't like flipping through the big pages on BART since I rarely get a seat. HOWEVER...there is one exception to this non-habit...and that is when one of my teams win an awesome game the night before. When that happens, I cannot get enough of reading the morning-after articles or watching the highlights. I can read the same article and smile at the same photos over and over and never get sick of them!

It can't just be any game, it has to be an incredible and emotionally charged game, like a huge win against a deeply hated rival, a comeback, or a game with huge implications!!

Last night, my beloved Bruins pulled off the most amazing comeback game that I've ever seen them play! It was just unbelievable and a serious miracle that they pulled themselves together to shut Gonzaga down the last 3.2 minutes, while scoring 11 points. It was a newspaper-purchase-worthy game for sure!!! Even though I already read the articles around 1am last night, I didn't care, I wanted to read it in hard print too. My 30-minute BART ride zipped by instantly. I was in total morning after bliss.

Baseball season is less than 2 weeks away. My newspaper purchase goes up generally during the Giants season, although last year, my purchase was very low due to their disappointing and injury-plagued season. Usually, when they lose, it bugs me to even look at the headline and photos from other passengers' sports pages.

I hope to be spending many quarters this baseball season!!! It only means good things when I do.

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