Tuesday, May 01, 2007

BART and BART lots overly crowded today due to 80-580 freeway collapse

Day 2 morning is far worse than Day 1. My goodness!!! It was nearly impossible to find parking today, and I have a reserved parking pass! I see a bunch of idiots, possibly forced to ride BART to work due to freeway collapse, parking in the reserved lot without a sticker or a one-day pass. I hope they get ticketed! BART parking enforcement better step it up this week and ticket every violator.

I actually saw a line in front of the BART ticket machines today!! I don't think I've ever seen a long line there before.

The train, by the time it got to my station, was already packed! It is generally never the case...I may not get a seat, but I'd be the 2nd or 3rd passenger standing, not the 20th.

Allow yourself some extra time to find a parking space. Lots such as Orinda and Lafayette are filling up fast from what I heard. Even if you pay $$$ for a reserved monthly parking pass? Ha! Unless BART parking enforcement does something about all the violators, you probably won't have a space either. I had to squeeze myself in a 3/4 space today-- probably left untaken only because it was unfittable for many cars.

BART parking enforcement: Please ticket those people!


Josh said...

I also noticed a lot of people in the permit lot this morning that were not the "regulars" with stickers. I hope that they do step it up and let these people know. I pay a premium not to have to deal with these hassles.

Anonymous said...

I could not find a space today and had to park 3 blocks away in a Safeway lot. It is going to be a big problem if not address.

Anonymous said...

the way to address this is to have BART police actively ticket people. what else is there? once the word gets out that you *really* will get a ticket, people will be less willing to risk it. if people don't follow the rules, we'll be left with anarchy and society won't be able to function.

Anonymous said...

my coworker just told me that she ended up driving because she couldn't find parking in el cerrito

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that Bart does not have enough parking spaces for all the people would who like to take Bart. I feel there are a lot more people who would take Bart if they could find somewhere to park. I start work very early so I don't have to deal with parking issues. Bart's solution is to either take the bus (nearly - impossible from my home), or have people drive you to and pick you up from Bart (way to save gas!).

Anonymous said...

el cerrito bart parking can get really bad.