Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Smooth riding in the early AM

Had to go to work extremely early today (left home around 7:15am) and was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to find BART parking, how many empty seats there were despite lines at the platform, and how ontime the train was! Maybe I just got lucky but I found this morning's experience to be almost relaxing! Like BART claims their rides to be in the commercials!

Is this just luck? I doubt I'll get up early just to have an easier BART ride but it's good to know that whenever I do need to suffer from shorter sleep, BART will not give me a bigger headache!


Anonymous said...

Way to jinx yourself. :)

Perhaps folks are starting summer vacations.

Josh said...

Shhhhhh don't let that secret out. The best time to take BART is 8 AM or later. Plenty of parking! Don't bother coming earlier. It's no good. ;-)