Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunny weather = HOT trains

What a beautiful day! It's quite refreshing to be able to wear short sleeves without shivering while waiting for the train on the platform. The comfortably warm breeze actually made me smile on a Monday morning.

Well, that is until I stepped into the train. I immediately felt the hot air, mixed with scent of seat and body odors. People were fanning with newspaper or bookmarks. Someone in my train called the train operator to turn up the AC. I couldn't quite hear the response but if the TO did anything (I'm sure he or she tried), we didn't feel the difference in train temperature.

I felt OK. I was warm and disliked the smell around me, but I wasn't sweating. Others were sweating. One woman even had sweat stains on the front of her yellow T-shirt.

Maybe the AC was broken? It was like an oven in there! I was itching to get out of the train for some fresh air...but when I finally got out at Civic Center, the first whiff of air I breathed in smelled more like urine than fresh summer air.

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Anonymous said...

The HVAC was broken. Generally speaking, the operator can't control it. You can contact them and specify the car #, and a technician may or may not board and attempt to address it. Sorry for the sweaty ride. You can always move to another car. :/