Monday, November 30, 2009

What to do with one empty seat and 8 people staring at it?

Interesting situation on the train this am. One seat opened up and there were at least 8 of us looking at it. Not that this means anything but I was the only female amongst 7+ men. No seniors, pregnant women or physically handicapped passengers in sight. 3 seconds have past and no one stepped towards the seat. Finally, I walked toward it and sat down. Then I hear two guys chuckling, "I guess she feels entitled."

What the heck?? Any of them could have taken the seat!!! I waited 3 seconds, I didn't take the seat because I'm female, I took it because if I didn't, someone new entering the train will!

I didn't yell back at them but I did turn my head and give a not so nice stare. If they wanted the seat, why don't they go then?? GEEZ!

Friday, November 20, 2009

No complaints...for now!

With reports indicating the state jobless rate at yet another record high of 12.5%, makes me think twice about complaining about BART, my shuttle mis-connections, and the worsening parking situation. At least I have a job to commute to, right?

While I shall remain appreciative that I'm not one of the 12.5% Californians that are unemployed, my temporary no complaint policy (**along with the jobless rate news, I am also about to head into a one week vacation, so I'm in an extra great mood) will likely cease after the Thanksgiving holiday, once I head back to work.

With that, I want to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!! We all have much to be thankful for.

Monday, November 09, 2009

New Poll: BART Parking!

I'm noticing that BART parking has become an issue even in the reserved lot! Curious what everyone else is experiencing with BART parking?

Do not hold the train doors open!!

As many commenters suggested, I really should have included this in the top 5 etiquette blog! How could I have forgotten?!?!

I don't care if your friend or wife is just running up the escalator-- when the doors need to be shut, they need to be shut!!! Some passengers just don't realize the consequences when these archaic doors get jammed! It could cause a delay up to 10 minutes when these doors need to be fixed by a technician.

Someone held open the doors this morning as it was closing to squeeze in. Luckily, the train operator was open to close/open a few times to get it working normally again. This passengers was then scolded by the T.O. over the speakers-- GOOD! Glad that he was called out like that! He got so many stares in our train car that he walked over to the next one.