Friday, May 28, 2010

"BART's capital outlook is sobering"

Matthew Roth from SF Chronicle outlines why. "Staff said the agency faces a projected $6.8 billion shortfall of capital funding needs over the next 25 years, a stat that is consistent with other transit operators around the region."

Read full article here.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kenton Rainey - A good choice?

Kenton Rainey will likely begin his post as BART police chief on June 1. Is it just a move to appease public opinion? Or is he a man who has proven that he represents both racial sensitivity and impartiality in policy and enforcement?

The last thing I want is a BART police chief who allows enforcement to suffer due to over sensitivity to BART's poor image. The aftermath of the Oscar Grant situation is certainly NOT the only problem that Rainey needs to rectify and while racial sensitivity is critical, general station safety concerns still needs to be addressed. For example, why is it OK for people to smoke marijuana and drink at the Civic Center station when BART police officers are less than 15 steps away? Also, why can't BART police effectively get rid of a drunken homeless man who screams obscenities at passengers right in front of their face? Is that not a valid concern?? I know it's been reported multiple times to them, yet why does this man keep coming back??

I hope Rainey is the right man for the job but we won't know until at least end of year.

What are your thoughts on Kenton Rainey??

Thursday, May 20, 2010

BART/Foursquare users, I want to hear from you!!

I found this survey result interesting and am curious in interviewing BART riders who are regular Foursquare users to dig a little deeper. If you fit the profile and have a few minutes to spare, please email me at


6 Reasons why BART Musing has been on hold...

1) Work has gotten very very busy this year with a shrinking team and it's been tough to find time to jot down my thoughts

2) Admittedly, I've been lazy about taking BART-- sometimes, when traffic is lighter, I (shamefully) contribute to the air pollution and drive :( I think I just needed a break from BART.

3) Traffic in this rainy year has been bad but BART in the rain is possibly worse, so I've been commuting in off hours more often.

4) Receiving some extremely hateful emails around the time of BART strike was another huge blow and sort of sucked the enthusiasm out of me for a few months after

5) Sometimes, it's tough to write about something I haven't written about. This blog has been running for 5 years and I feel like I've seen just about everything on BART, but that's not true, the people on and around BART and Civic Center station NEVER ceases to amaze me.

6) I'm planning to revamp this blog some time soon as the BART culture is evolving too with Four Square and other social networks!! It's time to get out of the 2000s and get ON to 2010s!

I know I need to earn back the readership after being on hiatus forever--- stay tuned, because as Arnold says...."I'll be BACK!"