Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Are you ready for another BART strike?

Perhaps there will not be another strike since it does appear the two sides are making some progress and BART management is giving in to some demands but ultimately, it will be us, the passengers who will pay for it, literally!

SF Business Times reports that the settlement could raise BART fares by up to 18%.  I pay $8.50 daily already.  I guess I will expect that to go up to $10 per day.  Even more of a reason to work from home for a couple days a week.

I think employers in Bay Area should start offering commuter benefits, not just pre-tax but actually allow a $80 - $100 commuting allowance per month.  Adobe did that before and it was great!

What do you think?  Do you get commuter benefits?

Monday, July 01, 2013

Learn the facts? Here's something about BART overtime pay you should know.

This article was very helpful in laying out some outrageous facts.  And the writer is right, it should come down to what BART can ultimately afford to do.  Any additional burden would cripple riders who need the transit system to make an honest living.

Some of these employees are abusing the system and the policies.  I know it's not representative of the entire BART workforce but I'm sure it's not uncommon.  It's part of the overall attitude that all of us passengers can attest to.

What would I rate my daily encounters with BART employees?  Probably a C- at best.  There is no "customer service" and when I legitimately need assistance with something, I am being treated as if I just woke someone up from a cozy nap and I should be punished.

I welcome everyone to post the facts here.  If this article isn't accurate, I would like to read others.  So far, articles I've found represent what this one says.


It's time for companies to get more mobile!

Traffic to across the Bay Bridge is backed up all the way to Concord, on the 680.  24 is completely jammed and takes one hour to get through a mile.  Yet, the impact of the BART strike could have been a lot worse if school is in session, and if this wasn't July 4th week when many folks are on break!  (I guess we should be thankful that they picked this week to strike? ha!)

When will companies become a bit more open to remote work?  There are video technologies these days to keep the interactions live and keep group work productive, not to mention social collaboration tools to help us become more mobile when we need to be.  Heck, there are even tracking tools to see how long it takes someone to respond to an email!

I am very grateful that I work at a job where it is OK to work remotely-- our equipment was built for remote work from day one.   At a time like this, the roads should be left open for those who absolutely need face to face interaction at their jobs (healthcare professionals) to get to where they need to go.

Ultimately, it makes me a bit angry that we are so dependent on BART and that gives them (management and unions) so much leverage to dictate our ticket prices and others.  

Did you brave the roads today??