Monday, November 19, 2012

5 things you REALLY should do in your own bathroom

I understand that we are sometimes in a rush in the mornings and perhaps didn't get all of our primping and grooming in at home. But there are a few people who take that too far. They have no shame and have zero regard for the rest of us who must endure their selfish and often unsanitary acts. Here are five things that must be forbidden on the train:

 #1 Do not floss on the train. I don't want to see or be in close contact with anything from anyone's mouth.

 #2 Do not style your hair with hairspray while on train. The rest of us do not want hairspray in our faces!

 #3 Do not paint your nails! BART already smells bad enough. We do not need nail polished in tight quarter! It stinks, please do it at home.

 #4 Men, don't shave with your electric razors on BART. It's loud and it's annoying.

 And the one other thing I absolutely cannot tolerate on BART is.....

 #5 DO NOT CLIP YOUR NAILS!!! That has to be the most disgusting act on the train. Seeing the clipping flick off in all directions. It is sickening! If only people would follow these rules....