Sunday, May 22, 2011

Returning soon to the good 'ol days on BART

This 7 year old blog has nearly died in the past year and a half as I've taken a long break from riding BART. To tell you the truth, after nearly a decade of commuting via BART, I had reached a point where I just could not stand the scent, crowds, rudeness and unpredictability anymore.

In about three weeks, I've got no other options but to take BART daily again and happy to say that I'm excited to revamp

The first and major change is to finally come out of anonymity. No need to hide who I am anymore. I'm a huge Giants fan, 49ers fan and UCLA fan (even though my alma mater is Cal;) I am a big supporter of animal rights; I'm a career and family woman; I'm in a mid-30s; I work in tech (like mostly everyone else) and I *think* I know wines.

Stay tuned...Monday, June 13th, BARTMusings shall re-enter the crazy world of peoplewatching, eavesdropping, controversy seeking on BART.

Countdown begins now...