Monday, January 28, 2013

SFO route, full of non-commuters

Yes, that is a very obvious statement, one might say. And it's a validation that the SFO direct line is a success. I use it to get to not only SFO but nearby meeting destinations.

It's how I know that the route is full of non-commuters that will be the point of this post. The suitcases give that away? Of course but that's a given. It's the behavior and demeanor that I find to be the most humorous clues that someone is a non-commuter.

They don't ever have their ticket or pass ready in advance. They block the left side of the escalators. They ask every other station which station is this. They enter the train asking...this the airport train (or this the SF train depending in which direction). They hold train doors open or are shocked when they close. They give money to homeless. And of course, they put suitcases on top of seats even when it's crowded.

I don't mind. As long as they don't delay my ride home. I applaud that SFO line has become so mainstream and it's taken many cars off the crowded freeways! Heck, I'd much rather deal with BART newbies than tourists on 80!

Now...if only we can get MORE frequent SFO trains!

P.S. I very endearingly dedicate this post to my boss who almost fit in as a BART commuter last week!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Nothing wakes you up better on a Monday morning

Than a huge whiff of the overpowering urine scent as I exit the Montgomery Station. In an effort to minimize breathing in the scent, I hold my breath as I jog up the stairs (hey, the year is young, resolutions still in tact!) I end up having to take in a little air before I make it in my building but didn't realize at the same time that I had stepped into a puddle of pee.

What a splendid way to start the day. Happy Monday, all.