Thursday, May 16, 2013

5 Best Practices to Keep in Mind When BART is Damn Crowded!

This morning, if you haven't heard, there was a nutcase who decided that jumping on top of a BART train at MacArthur station during high traffic hour was a smart idea.  Trains were shutdown, even the freeway was shutdown to ensure safety.  The massive delays lasted 3-4 hours after the incident.

Needless to say, the trains were crowded.  Piles of people forced their way in at each stop despite there not being anymore room in the trains.  It made the usual peak passenger volume seem leisurely.  I was literally hugging someone's backpack while another female passenger's rear end was leaning on mine.  Way too close for comfort.

I can't stress enough some courtesy rules people need to follow when trains are this crowded.  Please, please, please keep these in mind to make the ride less miserable for the rest of us.

5 Rules to Keep in Mind

1) If you have a big backpack, please DROP IT ON THE GROUND!  There's no room as it is.  Please put your bags on the floor to make room.

2) Please breath with your nose, not mouth.  Our faces are already inches away, it would help to not have to smell what you had for breakfast too, or if you happen to not brush that morning.

3) Get out of the train to make room for people who need to exit.  The train won't leave without you, and really, allowing people off the train would actually create more room inside the train.  So move!

4) On a similar note, if your station is coming up next, just wait until the train stops before you make your move towards the door.  People need to get off the train before you can exit.  By pushing your way to the door in the middle of the crowd only creates chaos and frustration because there is NO ROOM to move!

5) Hold your temper.  We all hate being delayed and being on an overly crowded train.  No need to be nasty.  If you don't want to bear the pain, just don't get on the train!  You're not entitled.