Thursday, July 26, 2012

Escalators shutdown due to excessive human waste

After years of complaining about the smells around the Civic Center station, and more recently with a job change, the Powell Station, it is confirmed that there is, in fact, plenty of daily human waste being let out at the escalators and surrounding area. When a friend shared this SFGate article on Facebook today, I knew exactly which stations they are talking about!! I've heard it, smelled it and seen it for years! BART spokesperson Jim Allison says that BART officials must witness the action to cite. I, along with many other colleagues, have seen it happen plenty of times. I've seen fresh urine dripping down escalators and stairs from the top. Now if only BART police is present more often?!? I've seen feces piled up in a corner, I've seen pee, puke, you name it. It's not that hard to witness...just hangout near the exits during 8-9am when most of the homeless occupants wake up. There is a later crowd (the drunk ones) that wake up past 9:30am...follow them, and you will find the way!