Thursday, November 20, 2008

Decreased BART Ridership

All these talks about giving up seats to this or that might soon enough become a non-issue as BART ridership continues to decline. During the spring and summer when gas prices were ridiculously high, a lot of folks turned to BART. Now that prices have dropped significantly, many of the new riders have gone back to driving. At the same time, with the weak and vulnerable economy, layoffs have taken even more riders off BART, leaving the trains with more room (according to KRON4)!

Are tough times ahead for BART? We definitely should lower or rid any expectations that improvements will be made to the trains and stations in the foreseeable future.

The Experiment Controversy

You all know by now that I purposely and silently watched for a few months whether passengers would give up their seats to a very pregnant me or any other pregnant women in need of a secure space to sit. The end result was that no one offered their seat. While this suggests that good manners no longer exist, another school of thought is "all you need is ask". I agree with both, and realize that yes, we very much live in a society where if you want something, you better go after it!

I adopt that school of thought in pretty much all aspects of life, from work, to keeping my place in line, to finding a good shopping deal, but maybe I'm old fashioned because I was taught to also give to those who need it more than you. There may be very few people, if any at all, who think like me; who would voluntarily and instantly vacate their seat (designated handicapped seat or not) for the elderly, disabled, a very young child who can hardly stand, or anyone who looks like they might need to sit down, including a pregnant woman.

Yes, I know we can ask for the seat but the point was to see if anyone is considerate enough to offer. Alas, the answer is clear.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

A moment of BART appreciation

New motherhood has been wonderful although time to myself has gotten scarce. Thanks for everyone's continuing support and patience. I will still try to write whenever I can, and post the interviews as well (one day soon, I hope)!

Today, my husband, a daily car commuter, needed to take BART to SF for a meeting and then back to East Bay for work. The thought of taking BART to multiple locations and then back did not please him at all, in fact, he contemplated on driving this 3-destination trip until he saw how awful the traffic was. Well, his verdict? How easy BART was! Yes, as often as we all complain about BART's little quirks and imperfections, it is a great and fairly efficient system that has simplified our lives!! Nice to acknowledge that sometimes! If I had to drive across the Bay Bridge daily to get to work, I'd probably age much faster and would have lost quite a few hairs from frustration.