Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Found hairs on my coat

Just had to write quickly about this. I know my hair length, texture and color. I found 3 strands of hairs: one thin blond hair, one curly red hair, and one short thick white hair stuck on the back of my gray wool pea coat. I'm fairly certain they came from the seats on BART because that's the only time/place I wear a thick coat-- to work in the mornings. Time to hit the dry cleaners.

Should a station agent assist a vision-impaired man??

That should be a pretty simple question. The logical answer, of course, would be YES! But believe it or not, a man who is blind or vision-impaired loudly asked for assistance near the station agent's window. The station agent saw him but did not run out to assist. The vision-impaired man continued to ask for help, and finally, I, along with another passenger helped direct him towards the exit.

Perhaps the station agent was busy with some critical work? Maybe he didn't see the cane and didn't recognize that the man could not see? But wouldn't the agent offer help to a passenger pleading for assistance?

What is the job of the station agent? We all know they do not give change (so says their sign) and they love to point to the BART route map whenever someone asks them a question. They manage the station to some degree, I'm guessing?

I'd love to know what they do exactly and what qualities BART looks for in a station agent?? We already know that they make a good salary based on the salary reports-- but what do they do for us?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bad mistake-- chose to drive over BART, and out of gas!

I had an early meeting that I joined by phone from home and by the time I was done, it was around 9:45am. I could have taken BART but with the limited shuttle connection that ends at 10am, I didn't want to deal with a bus or pay for a taxi, so I thought I should drive into SF instead. Without traffic, my ride across the bridge is 23 minutes, not bad! But today, with the heavy fog, the bridge traffic was even worse than indicated on 511.org, which generously marked the flow as yellow to red. It was more like black all the way until after the toll.

To make things worse, I thought I had 2 bars of gas left on my Prius but for some DARN reason, 2 bars went to flashing zero warning within 3 minutes. This never happens, it must be another Toyota malfunction, even though our model year was not recalled. What the heck????

I had to jam my way to the West Grand exit and find the nearest (not so close!) gas station with my husband's help over the phone since the GPS was down.

Finally, with gas, the bridge traffic was even worse. All in all, it took me over 70 minutes today to get to SF.

Looking back, I should have just taken BART, and pay for the $5 taxi ride.

So lame...

Monday, February 08, 2010

When you know you are too sick to ride BART

5) When you are sneezing so much that you need to use your sleeves to wipe up the drips under your nose every few minutes.
4) When you have an eye infection and your eyes are red with sticky discharges
3) When you are sucking snot and fluids back into your nose every 3 seconds
2) When your chest is so congested that each cough sounds like a small 2.0 earthquake and produces phlegm that you need to spit out or swallow back
1) When continuous strings of coughs from you prompts passengers next to you to ask you if you need the paramedics...which is what I saw today!!!

Please, all, stay home if you are contagious and ill. Work from home or call in sick if you can.