Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Allergies and cheap cologne

As I am writing this entry, my nose is completely plugged up, red, and my eyes, dripping with tears. Yep, morning allergies. What made my ride even worse today was the overbearing smell of cheap Walgreen-brand equivalent cologne that the man next to me was drenched with. There were 4 other seats open when I sat down, and during the whole ride, I regretted taking the one that I was in.

The scent was nasty- it was like a very poor combination of "fragrances", that can only be sold in drugstores. It was a smell fit for a greasy, sweaty, and portly hick (the NASCAR-branded cologne comes to mind...can you believe they actually came out with a NASCAR cologne?) Each time I breathed in, my nose would itch so hard that it hurts, followed by a deep, hard sneeze. I was sneezing nonstop during the ride, attracting many glares from fellow passengers.

It was a rough ride to say the least.

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